Workshop Request

Hire Dyed in Queens to host a workshop for your:

  • Baby Shower (have guests dye unique onesies for your expected child)
  • Bridal Shower (have guests dye something blue)
  • Museum or Cultural Group (indigo dyeing has a rich history)
  • Garden Club (invite members to create works of art from flowers grown in your garden)
  • Summer Camp (kids love hapa-zome!)

Dyed in Queens has experience leading workshops on botanical dye topics: Indigo Dyeing and Hapa-Zome.
If you would like to have Jess lead a workshop at your place of business or for your group of friends please read the descriptions below and submit a request via the questionnaire.

The questionnaire helps Jess understand what you are looking for so she can supply a custom quote.
Quotes for workshops range in price based on how many participants and materials cost.


Learn how to make an indigo vat and dye items blue! Make beautiful designs by folding, clamping, and binding material using shibori techniques learned in the workshop.

Indigo is a dye pigment extracted from the leaves of indigo plants.
Shibori is the Japanese art of creating patterns by creating resists by folding, clamping, etc.

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This workshop is best when it takes place at a garden and during the summer and autumn months while there are plenty of plants available for use. 

Participants will get a tour of the garden and learn what plants work for botanical dyeing. While on tour, we will harvest a small selection of plants to bring back to the classroom for our hapa-zome. Participants will learn best practices to make beautiful designs and will make art with plants!

Hapa-Zome is a term coined by India Flint and refers to the act of pounding plant material onto paper or fabric to create imprints. 

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